About Us

SanjHCSolo2 Hi, my name is Sanjana. It would not be an exaggeration to say that music is my oxygen. I love all genres of music and singing in many different languages including Korean, German and Indian. I have sung in various venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Disney World, Costa Rica ,and Rome. I have also tried music composition and I’ll share a piece with you soon. Apart from music, I enjoy traveling, participating in STEM competitions, reading sci-fi novels, shopping, and playing video games.
NathyCarnegieC Hi, my name is Nathra. I really enjoy singing with my sister. I also like playing tennis, singing, tutoring, and computer games. I love animals and I used to have a pet hamster named Spice. Candy is my weakness. At school I am the captain of  science olympiad and academic challenge teams. In my free time, I can be found programming video games in python, learning a new song or tutoring younger students.